Latest Past Events

Throwdown Thursday: A Weekly Dance Hour (Donate What You Wish)

Vitality Lounge 24325 Meridian Ave. S., Bothell

Dance and move for 60 minutes with fellow Vitality Lounge members. Instead of the usual quiet zone, the beats will be pumping with original playlists featuring uplifting music at various rhythms and tempos. Up to 10 members. For this session, Vitality Lounge is arranged with an open area in the middle of the room for dancing and […]

CE5 Conscious Contact Meditation for Galactic and Multidimensional Connection

This 90-minute CE5 Meditation Session is for members who would like to actively invite connection with Galactic and Multidimensional beings within the powerful scalar field at Vitality Lounge. Offered every-other Tuesday afternoon, with up to 8 members. Come to one or all. The Great Awakening of human consciousness is underway, and with it comes the awareness that we are not (and never […]


Transformation Hiccups? An EESystem Process Group to Clear Barriers to Healing, Growth, and Ascension with Marilyn Liepelt, MSW

Vitality Lounge 24325 Meridian Ave. S., Bothell

Do you wish to accelerate your healing journey in the EESystem and beyond? If you are ready to explore and clear areas that are impeding your growth and healing, this is the group for you! Join us for this 1-hour process group led by Vitality Lounge owner/steward Marilyn Liepelt in our extraordinary 24-unit EESystem. 60 minutes; for up to […]