Vitality Lounge owners, Marilyn and Tina are interviewed by Unifyd Healing Network founder, Jason Shurka sharing just a tiny smattering of the Vibe Tribe’s favorite physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation tidbits and stories.

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Testimonial Videos

REVIVE with Tony Robbins | It’s Time to Awaken the Healer Within

Jason Shurka, founder of UNIFYD Healing, speaks with Tony Robbins about the leading breakthrough technologies Tony has learned about and experienced over the past few years of speaking with over 100 of the top medical minds on this planet. The focus of this interview, in particular, is on the “Energy Enhancement System”, a technology that thousands are reporting incredible benefits from. Tony Robbins has installed this powerful modality in his very own home and speak about his experiences with the technology to help spread awareness of what it can do for others around the world.

MIRACLE STORIES w/ Dr. David Stella & Gina Pero | UNIFYD Healing

Founder of the Unifyd Healing Network, Jason Shurka interviews the owners of the Las Vegas Holistic Center discussing just a few of the many miraculous healing stories they’ve witnessed from their clients since adding the EESystem to their array of services in 2022.

Surviving a Plane Crash and a Miraculous story of HEALING!

In this POWERFUL interview with Jason Shurka, Dr. Madej shares her story of how she was in a horrible plane crash back in June of 2022 and the steps she had taken to heal her body at record speeds thanks to the Energy Enhancement System technology!

THESE STORIES WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! | We are tapping into the power of healing.

Founder of the Unifyd Healing Network, Jason Shurka shares more incredible stories of people (and pets) who’ve had incredible results from their experiences at wellness centers throughout the U.S. featuring the Energy Enhancement System (EESystem).

The worldwide revolution of healing and wellness is here!

Locations Worldwide

Other EESystem locations are opening as fast as they can get them out there! We are one of many groups around the globe that have been inspired to offer this to our community at affordable rates, so we are joining with others of the same heart and mind.

Informational Videos

Below are links to various presentations and interviews with Dr. Michael, research and testimonials, as well as common questions and answers.

THIS is the TRUE SCIENCE behind the Energy Enhancement System technology… SIMPLIFIED!!!

Unifyd Healing Network’s founder, Jason Shurka discusses the science behind the EESystem technology and its amazing benefits in a very simple and easily understandable manner.

THE REVOLUTION OF HEALING | Advancing Beyond MedBed Technology

Jason Shurka’s first interview with Dr. Michael – the one that started the awareness and excitement about EESystem technology around the globe!     

The Revolution of Healing (Part 2) | Uniting to Heal Humanity

Jason Shurka does a follow-up interview with Dr. Michael where they announce the creation of the Unifyd Healing Network to help spread the EESystem technology far and wide, providing better access around the globe to those who could benefit from this miraculous technology.

Your Questions Answered: LIVE Q&A with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

Q & A with Jason Shurka and Dr. Sandra Rose Michael providing current information about the EESystem and the many healing stories they are receiving from around the world.  

Sandra Rose Michael DNM – EES Bio-Active Scalar Generator, Tesla Extraordinary Technology Conference, 2017

Though the audio quality is a bit low, the info is good and there are a couple of live demonstrations with scalar-enhanced bracelets.

BioHacking Your Way to Hyper-Health 

Web interview with Jihan Thomas and Dr. Sandra Rose Michael – a little longer and more conversational and packed with info, research, and healing stories.  

Full Segment with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Inventor, Researcher, and Professor

This hour-long presentation/activation was given by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael in December 2020. The sound quality is a little low, so perhaps turn it up a bit. Enjoy!

The Healing Universe: Scalar Energy and Scalar Waves in Healing – The Luminary

Hidden knowledge discussing scalar energy/waves all around us which can be utilized with incredible results.



Vitality Lounge has a 24-unit system and these studies have been done on 4 and 8-unit systems and the EE-charged medallions. Imagine these already amazing results exponentially increased.

Research on the EESystem: Measuring The Nervous System

The Energy Enhancement System Technology creates a hyper-healthy environment, allowing the body to bring itself back to balance – but what exactly is happening within the body, specifically the nervous system? Roland Pankewich, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and a Resistance Exercise Specialist, conducted research on how the nervous system can change after exposure to the EESystem, and his findings were extraordinary! Just after a one 2-hour session with the EESystem, a group of people noticed a major change! Watch until the end to find out what his discoveries were!

Questions Answered

Q: I’m still curious if 24 units actually means that it works 3x faster than the 8-unit system? 

A: The healthy energy fields exponentially increase with additional units. And the effects are cumulative, so the more time spent in the EESystem the “faster” the natural healing process can be. According to Dr. Michael, 24-units are especially well-suited to our 12-strand DNA.

Q: Does having multiple people in treatment at the same time dilute the healing capacity?

A: No, having multiple people at once does not dilute the healing capacity. The EESystem creates a field that can be enjoyed by as many people as can comfortably fit! Our space will easily accommodate 8 people at a time for regular daytime sessions and up to 10 for special sessions and events.

Q: Do you have anything for Vets?  My dad and I both could use it. 

Q: Can I bring my pet with me to my session?

A: Yes, Vitality Lounge welcomes ONE well-behaved pet Per Hour during the day. Pets must always be accompanied by a PMA member and also be scheduled. We welcome pets overnight only as part of a Family/Group Overnight Session. Check out our Pet Policy for more information.

Q: If I wrap my scalar-charged bracelets around my glass of water will that charge it?

A: Yes! And so will swirling it into a vortex and sending it Love from your open heart.

Q: Do you offer any other healing services apart from the EESystem?

A: Vitality Lounge does not offer other modalities. Our desire is to create an excellent experience for our Members in the 24-unit EESystem.